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Maternity and Newborn Essentials –Advice from Mammas with Littles

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Getting ready for a new baby is EXCITING, JOYUS and OVERWHELMING! I recently interviewed several mammas and asked them what maternity things or baby items have been especially helpful to them. Which means, we have some great answers for you! Below we have product recommendations and some friendly advice just for you.

Be Prepared:

You’re busy, you’ve got a lot on your mind and so much to do. Sleep is a necessity and hard to come by. Here are some maternity things and baby items that helped these mammas be prepared for their new babies.



  • Swaddles/Sleep sacks- to help your baby sleep well. Our mammas recommend swaddles with zippers or Velcro.

  • Onesies with ZIPPERS! Newborns don’t wiggle too much but once your baby is a few months old my mammas say those snaps are too much work. Get onesies and jammies with zippers instead!

  • Sound Machine- A bunch of my mammas recommend the Hatch brand sound machine. This sound machine has lots of white noise options and it doubles as a night light. The Hatch Rest + can connect to your phone so you can control it from anywhere.

  • Frida Baby products- they have a great baby nasal aspirator, nail scissors, thermometers and more!

  • Witch Hazel- remember to take care of yourself after the baby is born and use products like medicated cooling pads with witch hazel to help ease after labor pain.

Be Positive:

As a first-time expectant mom, you’ve got a lot of questions and fears - that’s totally normal. You are smart and want to be ready for this next chapter of life. You will be seeking advice from moms you know who have had a baby already. There are many good and bad birth stories out there, and while it’s good to be informed about the risks associated with pregnancy and birth it becomes overwhelming when all you hear is the negative.

My friend brought up a fabulous point that we should all (expectant moms AND everyone else) consider. When she was expecting her first baby, she said she got told a lot of horror birth stories. But she noticed that asking people “What was the best part of your birth experience?” really opened the door to positive conversation and great advice. While it’s typical for people to prepare you for the worst, it’s more helpful to be positive. So, if you are expecting, take the initiative to ask about the good parts of pregnancy and babies. Enjoy being uplifted by all the amazing experiences others have had and positive information they can share about carrying a baby and having a newborn!

Go Portable:

You’re preparing for your new baby and you want to be ready for anything. My mammas suggested several things that are helpful for traveling with your new baby.

  • Travel Plan-have a travel plan in place. Talk with your significant other and/or family members to get ready for car rides and outings. And make sure you have a travel plan that works for you as an individual.

  • Reliable car seat and stroller- get a reliable car seat and stroller so you can execute your travel plan well.

  • Pack and plays- perfect for setting up a safe play space or sleeping space for your little one while visiting friends or relatives.

  • Portable Changing Pad-this is a game changer! Get one to take with you EVERYWHERE so you can change your little one without worry when you’re out and about.

Thank you to all the mammas who shared these great tips! You are ROCKSTARS! Remember -->

Be Prepared

Be Positive

Go Portable

If you are an expectant mom reading this CONGRATULATIONS. We are so happy and excited for you and your family. I hope this article was helpful and encouraging to you.

If you are not expecting but have friends who are, share this article with them to brighten their day.

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