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Birth Tissue Donor Services (BTDS) has 50+ years of experience in establishing donor programs in blood and tissue banking; including cord blood, bone marrow, organ/eye/tissue (cadaveric) and birth tissue donation programs. BTDS is led by Certified Tissue Bank Specialists (CTBS) and follows FDA and American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) standards.

These programs only exist through strong partnerships with hospitals and professional medical support staff in order to better assist transplant patients we serve together.

BTDS’ corporate office is in the Upper Cumberland Region with multiple satellite offices that focus on serving communities nationwide as the preferred hospital partner in birth tissue acquisition. BTDS is dedicated to excellence that puts mom and baby first with the highest standards of integrity and safety throughout the donation process. Our program has been well received by all our partner hospitals and BTDS works to educate expectant parents, physicians and medical staff on the birth donation process and the benefits of the program. Birth Tissue Donor Services of America, a non-profit organization, was created to be the premier choice for birth tissue donation as well as give back to the surrounding communities through: education, fundraising events, charitable donations, and providing funding for educational support programs.


BTDS' mission is to serve and honor a mother's wish to donate birth tissue and support the need of human tissue for transplantation, research, and education.


We strive to be the preferred choice in educating, registering, and coordinating a mother's desire to donate tissue. We aim to create a network of professional medical support staff who prefer BTDS to coordinate birth tissue donation for their patients and create a donor registration process that easily allows expectant mother's to schedule birth tissue donation as part of their delivery planning.

We look forward to expanding birth tissue donation programs and opportunities with mothers/parents, their physicians/medical support staff, and the communities we serve in order to create seeds of healing through birth tissue donation. Please contact us to learn more about the gift of donation:

info@birthtissuedonor.com | 931-526-2885

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