Birth Tissue Donor Services (BTDS) has 50+ years of experience in establishing donor programs in blood and tissue banking including birth tissue. BTDS is led by Certified Tissue Bank Specialists (CTBS) and follows all FDA and regulatory standards.


BTDS’ corporate office is in Middle Tennessee with satellite offices throughout the country.


Our focus is on giving expectant mothers the opportunity to donate their birth tissue to help those needing transplant.


BTDS always puts mom and baby first while making the birth tissue donation process seamless and efficient. We are committed to educating medical

professionals and expectant parents about the donation process and the benefits of our program.



BTDS provides the opportunity and support for mothers to donate their birth tissue for transplantation and research. We do so by:

  • Educating expectant moms about the donation process 

  • And coordinating donations with hospital staff


To help give all expectant mothers the opportunity to donate their birth tissue so that others can be healed.

  • As the need for birth tissue grafts increases BTDS continues to set up and service new programs across the country.

  • Please contact us to learn more about the gift of donation

info@birthtissuedonor.com | 1-833-661-0102


Sherry Spradling

Founder & CEO

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Jaree Knopp

Quality Director

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Patrick AbdelMessih

Vice President of Recovery Operations

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Zach Thurber

Director of Hospital Development

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Kami Spurlock

Area Program Manager

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Tayler Griffin
Director of Client Services

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Jason Felty

Recovery Operations Manager

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Brent Harris

Human Resources Manager

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Employee Spotlight: 

Carissa- Accounting Assistant

Congratulations, Carissa!


I do not even know where to begin...not only is she a joy to have on our team, she's beyond a smart cookie! She catches every little thing & ALWAYS has solutions instead of talking about the issues or problems she encounters on a day-to-day basis. Carissa has completely streamlined accounting; she is on top of every little detail & continues to take on more & more responsibility every single day.


Tina & I are completely stumped on what we ever did without her! - Tayler

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