Birth Tissue Donor Services (BTDS) has 50+ years of experience in establishing donor programs in blood and tissue banking; including cord blood, bone marrow, organ/eye/tissue (cadaveric) and birth tissue donation programs. BTDS is led by Certified Tissue Bank Specialists (CTBS) and follows FDA and American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) standards.

These programs only exist through strong partnerships with hospitals and professional medical support staff in order to better assist transplant patients we serve together.

BTDS’ corporate office is in the Upper Cumberland Region with multiple satellite offices that focus on serving communities nationwide as the preferred hospital partner in birth tissue acquisition. BTDS is dedicated to excellence that puts mom and baby first with the highest standards of integrity and safety throughout the donation process. Our program has been well received by all our partner hospitals and BTDS works to educate expectant parents, physicians and medical staff on the birth donation process and the benefits of the program. 



A Mothers Wish to Donate 

BTDS offers expectant mothers the option to donate their birth tissue after the safe delivery of the baby. This tissue is used to produce lifesaving, life-enhancing tissue grafts.

The Gift of Healing
Birth tissue (placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, cord blood) is typically discarded as medical waste. Birth tissue donation redirects this tissue to patients in need.
Simple Donation Process 

A streamlined donation process ensures the focus stays on the mother and her baby. Informed Consent and Medical Social History forms take only minutes to complete.

Safe For Mother & Baby 

Donation requires no additional surgical procedures and poses no risk to mother or baby. There are no costs associated with donation.

Committed to Quality
BTDS follows the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) standards, as well as all FDA and HIPAA regulations.
Preferred Choice in Birth Tissue Donation
Our integrity, expertise, and strong relationship with medical staff makes us the preferred choice for hospitals and processors.

Our Heroes

"I think the idea of donating something that could be thrown away as waste by the hospital was an amazing idea. I didn't know anything about donating prior to encountering BTDS but once I read and researched I was sold on the idea that my medical waste could potentially help someone."


"When asked to donate, I immediately said yes!

My brother was in an accident that caused severe wounds and burns. He was admitted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and was treated with placental skin grafts. Today, he is almost scar-free, has full function of his extremities, and is doing very well!"


"If my sons birth can help someone else live, especially when it was going to be disposed of, then lets help someone see tomorrow."


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